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When they were kids Marcel Schwald and Chris Leuenberger wanted to be girls. Up to this day they are still fascinated by the ways and wiles attributed to the female gender – especially when these behaviors are practiced as a means to self-empowerment and as a political statement. In India where gender identities beyond the binary have a far-reaching history, they got in touch with the radio journalist Shilok Mukkati, the performer Living Smile Vidya and the choreographer Diya Naidu – all activists fighting for the recognition of their own femininities. In Ef_femininity they join forces to explore and question femininity, hyper-femininity and effeminacy.

After their production Kreutzberg (2015), dealing among other things with homosexuality in World War II, Schwald/Leuenberger once again interweave elements of journalism and choreography for a documentary dance performance.

Performers: Shilok Mukkati, Diya Naidu, Living Smile Vidya, Chris Leuenberger
Artistic Direction: Chris Leuenberger & Marcel Schwald

Assistance: Anna Josepha Fritsch

Outside eye: Joshua Muyiwa, Kirtana Kumar, Merel Heering, Anne Haug

Costumes: Salome Egger

Light & Technical Direction: Thomas Kohler

Composition: Thomas Jeker

Sound & Light: Susanne Affolter

Production: Sabine Jud, Franziska Schmidt

Diffusion: Sabine Jud, Maxine Devaud

Production (India): Sandbox Collective Bangalore
Production: Schwald / Leuenberger
Co-production: Dampfzentrale Bern. Kaserne Basel

Many thanks to Adishakthi Theatre Arts Residencies | Infinite Souls Residencies Bangalore.

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