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Choreographer, Performer

This project is extremely relevant in our current world scenario. As an artist, I have been increasingly finding ways to make these gentle and transformative interventions in our communities.

The work comes from research around intimacy and touch over the last four years. She learnt that even the most seemingly conventional and ordinary human being needs intimacy with strangers. Underlying this need is the subliminal message - "the world is safe".

With the constantly reinforced codes, rules, conventions and norms that govern our way of being in public or with others based on their age, gender, hierarchy etc we are made to internalise - "the world is an unsafe place".

Who we call the "other", is but an extension of “me” and our lives are intimately connected in ways we cannot imagine. This project therefore was created to allow at least one interaction between two strangers that will stand in the face of all experiences in the lives of the participants that make them feel the "other" is not trustworthy or is the enemy. Some of the most profound experiences in our lives are when a stranger is kind to us, or we share a moment of real intimacy, perhaps even tell them a secret we have never told another.


The work is a one on one performative yet participatory event. The viewer is alone with the performer for between 60 to 90 minutes. It is immersive and intimate and uses ritualistic elements, letters, a voice + movement performance act, a long walk and an activity called “sensorial arrival” designed to allow present and attentive self reflection.


It premiered in New Delhi at the Khoj and Khirki spaces in New Delhi as part of PLAYLIST OF PROPOSITIONS, curated by the CISA 2017 fellows.


It has also shown at the At the Still Point festival in Kolkata at Experimenter Outpost in 2018 and in Bangalore at Shoonya Centre for Art and Somatic Practices in January,2020.


Each event has consisted of ten to fourteen sessions. Thus far, they have been overwhelmingly well received and the participant and artist both have been profoundly moved. With each session, there are nuanced developments and learnings which help to intensify the practice. Many participants sent in friends who they thought would benefit from this as well. There was a sense that the work has landed and is needed more and more. The curator received many requests to open more slots so others could experience it.

Due to the private and intimate nature of the work we cannot document the sessions.

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